Love them Belly Photos!

One one level, I feel like I should apologize to our non-expectant readers for having so many pregnancy related posts, but you know what, you DON’T have to get up 10 times a night to pee, so I have no sympathy for you!  It’s all pregnant stuff all the time at the.happy.homester and you can just deal with it!

Okay, now that my hormonal rant is over, check out how Bon Temps Beignet is doing her adorable belly shots.  I didn’t do weekly belly shots with either of my kiddos, because, well, my belly is not the area I want highlighted when I’m NOT pregnant.  There’s no way I’m going to hike up my shirt to show off in the early weeks, let alone now.  But Liz here, she’s got class and style, and I love the way the silhouette really accurately shows her changing shape!  I might have to drape a sheet in front of our front window and just take one now that I’m huge as all get out!


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