Decorate with Queen Anne’s Lace!

Hope your weekend is going well!Here’s my dining table. This is the candle holder sort of item that’s been housing burnt out candles sitting on top of river rocks for most of the summer. I was thinking about it when I read a nice little tutorial from Seven Sisters on turning Queen Anne’s Lace all kinds of wacky colors with a little food dye. I mean, it’s a pretty basic little activity we all did as kids, but I though it might look kind of grown up if I could create color combinations that were reflected in my table runner.

But, I was still thinking, “Eh… It’s too juvenile,” when I pulled into our apartment’s parking lot and saw that the grassy space in front of my car was just lousy with the stuff! I had no kiddo with me at the moment, I wasn’t on any time limit, and I had an infinity of Queen Anne’s Lace just staring at me, begging me to harvest it! I didn’t even have to step off the pavement to collect much more than I’d ever need!

So, I got inside, got up on my kitchen stool, and realized I had no food coloring. Well, the whole point of this centerpiece was for it to be easy and FREE, so I just started cutting the “lace” and sticking it in my vases. I don’t like anything very tall on my table, so I cut the pieces to just sort of float on the water just under the mouth of each jar. Later I added those river rocks just in the tray area of my centerpiece.
I hate to say it, but I think this looks pretty dern nice for weeds! I betcha it will last forever, too!

I really like seasonal decor, and while we’re not quite ready for apples and pumpkins and squash and indian corn for a couple more weeks, it doesn’t really feel right to display full on summery stuff like lemons or sea shells. Sunflowers are nice if you can still get your hands on them, but Queen Anne’s Lace is free and EVERWHERE right now! I turned it into a sweet centerpiece! What can you do with it?


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