Why not decorate the wipes box?!

Hooray!  I can’t believe I made it almost a week without linking to Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh!  Although, now I’m back to share their idea for Mod Podging the wipes box in the nursery!  Oh so cute!

I’ve got 45 days to go according to BabyCenter.com.  We’ll see.  But every time I look at the wreck that is our nursery/toddler’s room, I cannot even imagine myself taking the time for this sort of attention to detail.  It’s so much different expecting the second one!

I don’t know… maybe if I get everything cleaned out and looking nice and finally get the mobile built and the wall stickers up…  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do a quick and easy version of this with some double stick tape and a sheet of scrap paper, right?

(By the way, I always tend to use these wipe boxes for home organization inside drawers and stuff!  Got any good recycling ideas?)


2 thoughts on “Why not decorate the wipes box?!

    • Oh, I betcha I’ll run into something for those eventually! I actually think I heard an idea once to use those sort of seasonal static clingy gel things that you put on your windows? The idea was that your kid could look at them and rearrange them while you were doing the diaper changes out and about. More functional than decorative, but sometimes whatever you can do to keep little hands occupied up north is what you need!

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