Would YOU Try This? Thursday: Wear a SKIRT over a dress?! I LOVE IT!!!

I am really starting to love vintage clothes and vintage inspired clothes.  It’s kind of funny, because I’m also completely in love with sweat pants.  I actually just bought several pairs of yoga style sweat pants that say “Vintage Pants” on the label.  I don’t see how that’s at all possible, but if I can slop in my sweats but think in my mind I’m actually as stylish as Rachel, pictured above, well then!  I’ll just go with it!

But, anyway, head on over to A Beautiful Mess, and check out this little “Three ways to wear it” photo shoot they did for their Red Velvet vintage clothing business.  I had never thought of putting a wrap skirt OVER a dress like she did here, but now that I see it, I LOVE IT!

What I have seen is the opposite:  A blouse or pullover layered over a sheath dress to make it look like a skirt.   While that’s nice too, this looks much more comfortable, because, seriously, while you can’t always handle more bulk on the top half, everybody loves a full, pretty skirt!

So, tell me:  Would YOU try this???


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