Instagram your next family album!

I’m starting to realize that there’s no such thing as a family event I actually lug a camera to!  We do EVERYTHING on our phones, including my son Sammy’s birth!  I could fight it, but, the truth is, I get more candid and adorable pictures when my “camera” is always in my pocket, and with the wonders of Instagram, I can make them look kind of artsy and fun with very little effort, too.

Check out A Beautiful Mess to see how she’s embraced the trend and ordered a Blurb album of just her cell phone pics!  It’s really adorable, just the right size, and seems completely effortless.

As crafty as I try to be, I think I need to just give up on fancy scrapbooking and start putting together convenient little albums like these!  My son is two, and I STILL don’t have any albums of his pictures!  Let’s face it! I’m a mom, and I’d rather be LIVING life with my kids than spending gobs of time trying to preserve everything!  I think this is a good route for me.  Have you done any of these photo books before?


2 thoughts on “Instagram your next family album!

  1. i attempted to get into scrapbooking and that was a majorly failed effort! it ended with all my stuff piled on top of my piano where it never gets used for its intended purpose. i DID, however, make a totally awesome christmas countdown for our mantle last year with javen out of the pretty paper and ribbon i had! my thinking is that if i take gobs of pics, that’s the important thing. i have three cameras…cell, point-and-shoot digital, and a nicer nikon with a lens on it. i take more pictures than i know what to do with…never print them, never scrapbook them, but we HAVE them and that’s what is important to me! we enjoy looking at them on the computer from time to time. i like to pretend that my way isn’t so much lazy as it is budget-friendly 😉

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