Tin Foil Meals for Camping, Grilling, Whatever!


Confession time.  I have never been camping.  I really like the IDEA of camping, and someday, I must go, but my parents were more condo on the beach front sort of people (don’t I sound privileged?) and my hubby and I just haven’t really tried it yet, and probably won’t till the kiddos are older.

But, what does that have to do with this delicious Seven Sisters recipe for Tin Foil Meals?  Nothing, except that they use this as a camping meal, and it looks delicious!  Simple things like this make me want to go brave the wild and live off the land all rustic, like, and ironically… I JUST SAW someone explaining about making this on Facebook, about two or three days before this blog article was posted.  Hey, Seven Sisters… Do I know you?  Do we have mutual friends?  I was intrigued by the concept but I love the visual!  Eat up!

(By the way, this would actually make a pretty nice meal next time we want to grill out at the park!  I could assemble the pouches at home, then just slap the little kits on the charcoal grill when we get there!  No muss, no fuss!)


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