What I did Wednesday! Chalk board books, Takeout Box Planters, Make-Ahead Smoothies, and Bleach T-Shirt Fail

It’s that time of week again, homesters!  Here’s what I did!20110817-110741.jpg


I had a brother/sister birthday party to attend earlier this week.  I knew I had to make something awesome, so I referred to the Come Together Kids tutorial for Chalkboard Notebooks.  I was slightly lazy and actually bought chalkboard paint instead of making my own, but still, I liked the results so much, I did this again with a three ring binder for myself!  So far it’s holding up well!




If you know me, you know I have a fairly troubled relationship with any task that requires me to step foot into the kitchen.  I’m expecting a new baby in October, so I’ve started experimenting with making freezer meals in bulk.  Last night, I made freeze ahead smoothies and this morning I actually enjoyed one.  Well… I probably had like three servings… these quart baggies make up enough for a family of four, at least.  But just think, yogurt, OJ concentrate, frozen fruit… voila!  Pull out one of these baggies at breakfast time on the first day of school and you’re sure to feel like an EXPERT mom!

My hubby does a lot of whey protein powder as a supplement.  I’m sure he’s going to love trying it with this pre-made mix!  (He’s such a muscle man!)



Ah, and of course, I’ve been trying my best to get a nice herb garden started.  (I’m even more motivated to do this now that my pal Stephanie has shown me the miracle of cilantro on a fresh grilled hamburger!)  But I had no cute little planters.  I thought about using the hanging planter idea I posted from Seven Sisters, but I just haven’t made the time for that sort of thing.  That’s when I noticed how perfectly Chinese take-out containers fit on my window sill!

I just took the herbs, (which came in little cheapo plastic containers from the grocery store)  stuck them (containers and all) in sandwich bags (because, you know, these boxes aren’t water proof), and placed them directly into my takeout boxes!  They look so friendly in the window when I drive up to my apartment.  Now I just need cutesy little ribbons or ties around the boxes with cutesy little labels for each herb… I’ll keep you posted!



So, after telling you all about freezer paper stencils and bleach pen t-shirts, my friend Jaymee suggested I just “spray paint” a shirt with a stencil and bleach water!  I had just the pre-bleach spotted shirt in mind and set out to make my Dharma initiative stencil!  (Side note: If you didn’t love LOST, I don’t want to hear about it!)




At least my other friend Jamie (note the different spelling from the aforementioned “Jaymee”), who had been trying out the watermark technique had much better luck!  I love how she used it WITH a traditional tie dye patter for a nifty twist!

And that’s what I did since last Wednesday!





3 thoughts on “What I did Wednesday! Chalk board books, Takeout Box Planters, Make-Ahead Smoothies, and Bleach T-Shirt Fail

  1. Maddie and Matthew loved the notebooks!!!! Really cute (and practical) gift idea! We’ve been having fun with them all week…by the way, Sunday was the 6th rainiest day since the year 1900…go figure!

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