Decoupage Your Helmet

Do your kids ride their bikes to school?  Are helmets or other safety gear a point of contention at your house?

This is probably one of those times that us parents should take our cues from the hipsters and check out the ModCloth Blog on How to Decoupage Your Helmet.  So simple.  Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it on my own!  Not to mention, kids can get pretty creative when you hand them a jar of modpodge and let them go at it!

You know what else?  This would be awesome for women that have to wear safety helmets at work.  If I worked in that kind of enviroment, my helmet would be totally decked out with flowers and sparkles… or maybe I’d go straight steam punk with it.  But, for now, I’m a stay-at-home mom so you’ll never know what kind of fabulous head gear I’d be sporting!

Also, I just realized that I am probably the last person on earth to discover  Holy cow!  I want pretty much everything on that website… could probably only fit into half of it, but I want it all, NOW!


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