Still looking for a Halloween costume?

Why not do a quick search online, and see if some of these folks that dress up for summer blockbusters have any great ideas!


This is my friend Ashley. She dresses up for every movie, but my favorite is her Toy Story costume! I love little details like the “ANDY” written on the bottom of her boot!

Like I said, I haven’t dressed up since my son’s been born, but to this day, I still regret not dressing up as Juno three years ago. The movie had just come out. I was ripe with pregnancy. I even already had the same hair color and length as Ellen Paige in the movie! I should have just added a skirt over my jeans and a stripey shirt and hoodie! My husband even has Micheal Cera’s hair color and curls! He would have looked adorable in a sweat band!



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