Turn cards into a book!

So, I’ve featured a lot of neat little notebook ideas both here and on Facebook.  I’m just so fascinated by the notion of making my own journals or scrapbooks or gift books, and I’m the sort that actually writes in a journal on a pretty regular basis.  Allison over at little lovelies used this technique when trying to figure out what to do with all her son’s birthday cards.  I have a similar situation with a bunch of the handmade cards my mom has been making for us.  They’re each tiny little works of art, and I don’t plan on throwing any of them away, ever!

The thing is, this nifty binding machine she speaks of looks somewhat costly…   I’ll have to research it.  Maybe I’ll look into some homemade binding techniques, but I really do prefer the spiral punches like this.  Do you know anything about this stuff?  I might have to follow up on this later.


2 thoughts on “Turn cards into a book!

  1. The office supply stores have that binding machine and it might be worth checking with them to see if they could bind these for you. It’s part of their ‘Copy/Print’ services…

    • There you go! Brilliant! I was at Pat Catan’s today, and the binding machine she uses was almost $80!!! Office Max sounds like a fabulous budget alternative! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it!

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