Friday is Date Night! Catch a falling star…

In case you haven’t checked the Farmers’ Almanac lately, tonight is supposed to be the prime time of the year for spotting meteors!

You’ll see more meteors if you wait until about 11 PM Eastern Time, according to the Almanac about 60 per hour with the naked eye!

My hubby and I did this for last year’s meteor shower!  The weather was nice.  We put the kiddo to bed, propped open the window so we could keep an ear out, packed up a couple pillows and blankets and laid out on the lawn!  You can make it more or less romantic… break out the champaign if you want, but for us, it’s hard to beat Diet Sprite, popcorn, and peanut M&Ms!  Ta-da!  A free date night, and you didn’t even have to hire a sitter!

I’m going to try my best to offer a new date night idea every Friday.  I always find inexpensive activities for the kiddos, but how often do those of us with young children go months without going on dates with our spouses, and usually money is the issue!  The happy homester is on the case!  Stay tuned!


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