Would YOU Try This? Thursday: A Look Inside Cloth Diapers

I had to link to this article “A Look Inside Cloth Diapers” from Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh, because I’ve just ordered a dozen diapers from sunbabydiapers.com.  After going exclusively disposable with my first son, I wonder if I’ll have the discipline required to keep diapers laundered and ready to go.  I plan to do a little bit of both and see how it goes before I invest in more cloth diapers.  Popovich talks extensively about their choice of Bum Genius diapers, but at nearly $15 bucks a bumcover, it seems like a risky financial wager for a cheap girl with cold feet!  He says they spent $425 dollars to start with, and in my house, it would take nearly a year of no disposables to recoup that cost for one child.  OUCH!  The diapers I ordered were $5 a pop.  So, even doing cloth part time, I’m thinking I will come out even in three months.  I also like the idea of just having cloth on hand.  You know… in case there’s a nuclear winter or zombie attack and I’m unable to continue purchasing disposables.

Here’s what DOES annoy me about cloth diapering… A lot of people who cloth diaper tend to be extremely passionate… downright militant about it!  It’s a pee and poop catcher for heaven’s sake!  Relax!

However, and perhaps in reaction to the somewhat religious devotion of the cloth diaperers, those of us that do disposables (and I admit, I’m guilty, too) get pretty belligerent about those “hippies” and their cloth diapers!

As I’ve revealed to friends and family my interest in actually going the way of the hippie with our upcoming kiddo, most folks just laugh and say, “Oh that’ll last about three changes!”  We’ll see.  Just like disposables, cloth diaper innovation and technology has changed quite a bit, even since my 2 year old was born!  It’s not the pins and plastic it used to be, so I’m thinking I might just have a shot this go around!


3 thoughts on “Would YOU Try This? Thursday: A Look Inside Cloth Diapers

  1. i contemplated cloth diapers when i was pregnant with ryann. and then i told jonathan and he was like “yeah right!” and i decided i didn’t care to keep up with any extra laundry besides our clothes. if i had gone cloth, i wanted to use bumgenius or another brand that grows with baby (can’t remember the name) so i wouldn’t have to buy new ones down the road, but the startup cost was what drove me away. i don’t stick with things very well, and i knew if i gave up on the cloth diapers i would really regret sinking a lot of money into them initially. and in the long run, i’m glad i opted to just go disposable. i have to laugh when moms brag about how their baby never got diaper rash because of the cloth dipes…ryann went well over half a year without getting her first rash! it’s more about the kid than the diaper, i think, because i’ve known cloth users whose kid had horrible rashes all the time! anyhow…there’s my thoughts on the subject!

  2. You might just love them. Wish we had had some of these awesome new cloth
    diapers when my kids were growing up. So much better than pins and plastic pants.
    Also there are several tutorials online on how to make them yourself, if you’re into sewing.

  3. Another thing about the new cloth diapers is that the covers seem to have a pretty good resale value when you’re finished with them. So you can probably recoup some of the expense after baby has outgrown them.

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