An apple for the teacher…

I love the idea of a little teacher gift to start the school year off on the right foot.  Most of the things I’ve seen are just silly little trinkets that will do nothing but clutter an already packed teacher’s desk, but this simple little printable from Tatertots and Jello seems just right to me!  A little sticker that says, “An apple for the teacher” adorns a simple nostalgic gift of an apple!  I remember when I was a kid always thinking I should bring my teacher an apple (like they did in the cartoons), but it just wasn’t common practice.  This would be especially nice if you have a local orchard to make a selection from.

Frankly, if I were a teacher, I probably wouldn’t eat it, because, you know, kids hands are gross.  But I might wash it really well and try it if I saw that it was a honey crisp apple!  Those are just SOOOOOO tastey!  Plus, even if teacher won’t eat it, she’ll appreciate the thought, and she won’t have to keep it indefinitely!


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