What I Did Wednesday: Swaddle Blankets, Hair Flowers, Maternity Dress, and Autobots!

Alright fellow homesters!  It’s that time of week again!  Here’s what I did!

Yes, i finally jumped on board and got myself some hair flowers, just like I posted I would two weeks ago!  What impressed me about this project was how quickly I was able to whip them up!  I sat my toddler down with crayons and in the about 5 minute time span that entertained him, I was able to whip up a cutey petutie flower to wear for our double date that night!  I’ve since repeated that process at least three times for three different outfits.  Hooray for glue guns, Hawaiian leis, and general easiness!

Next up are some swaddle blankets!  Made from nursery grade flannel and measuring in at nearly 40″x40″ each, there’s no way my new little bundle will escape from these as easily as my older little bundle escaped from his receiving blankets!  Those 30″x30″ blankets that we all get as gifts just don’t hold up for swaddling larger babies, but, stay tuned.  We’ll have to link up some OTHER good uses for those squares in the near future.

Here I am in this totally candid, not at all posed or instagramed photograph, wearing a maternity dress I made out of a clearance rack plus size dress I found for $1.47!  These are the deals I love.  If I can get my act together, there will be many more pictures and details on how to do these sort of projects in my upcoming post on 4SmartyPants.com!  Don’t panic.  I’ll link to it when the time comes!

Ah, and actually, I didn’t do this.  My friend Jamie is about halfway through trying the watermark dyed t-shirt technique.  She was creative enough to try an Autobot design.  “Where’d you get that stencil?” I asked.  “Stencil?!  No, I just printed it out on a piece of paper and traced it!”  BRILLIANT!!!  I might have to try that when I’m ready to bleach pen my own shirt later!


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