Address Book Gift Idea

Here’s a Pinterest find for you.  Doesn’t seem like it’d be so hard to put whatever words you wanted on the front of a plain address book!

Maybe I shouldn’t be broadcasting this all over the internet, but my husband and I have a great little game we like to play on road trips.  We take a circle of friends from some particular walk of life:  Church, school chums, work associates, whatever.  Make a list of like four, and ask, “You’re in a room with all these people.  A gun is to your head and you have to choose someone to punch in the face as hard as you can!  Who do you pick?”  It’s also fun to do with sitcom characters and famous people.  It works best when you really LIKE everyone on the list, or when you really HATE everyone on the list!

So, let’s play! Seth Rogen, Seth MacFarlane, and Seth Green are in a room together.  Gun’s to your head:  Who do you punch?!


One thought on “Address Book Gift Idea

  1. why couldn’t you have posted this BEFORE our 10 hour drive to illinois? hahaha! sounds like a super fun game. i think i’ll have to go with seth green…because he’s small and i feel like i could maybe take him.

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