Would YOU try this? Homemade Yogurt Tubes or Pops

I’ve been trying my best to keep the ideas on this blog fairly simple.  I want to stick to the sort of things that most SAHMs can achieve without extensive craft knowledge or experience, but every so often I run across something so intriguing…

Check out these Homemade Yogurt Tubes or Pops from Once A Month Mom.  She did this using a Foodsaver, which I don’t have… but now I kind of want one.  You know those awesome tube popsicles?  My husband and I were just lamenting how, inevitably, we’ll have to feed our sons that straight high fructose corn syrup in a tube, because, as unhealthy as it is, they’re so stinking awesome it’d border on abuse to not keep your freezer stocked with those in the dog days of summer with two rambunctious boys!  Well, if I had a food saver, I could do like this gal but fill them with fruit juice!  Heck, even VEGETABLE fusion fruit juice!  I’m probably daydreaming.  I’d probably spend like a million dollars on a Foodsaver and all the special materials then never use it.  But I don’t know.  Those of you that have this nifty kitchen gadget… would you ever attempt this?


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