Just to help you understand my obsession with Shrinky Dinks…

Look at this OHMAZING bracelet tutorial featured in Country Living!

And if you love that, you’d better go check out Cathe’s other stuff at Just Something I Made.  You’re going to totally dig it.  Imagine this done with personalized graphics.  For example, my husband and I have a 1961 Volkswagon Beetle handed down three generations to us.  It still has all the original paperwork, advertisements, as well as handwritten slips and receipts and logs from my husband grandfather and great aunt documenting the frequent oil changes…  Would that stuff turn into a gorgeous and meaningful charm bracelet or what?!  Also, endless possibilities for children’s artwork, or I know a tween or two that would love an Angry Birds bracelet…  I sure wouldn’t hate a Homestar Runner bracelet, myself!


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