What I Did Wednesday: Broccoli Soup, Shrinky Cameo, and Baby Legs!

The whole point of this blog is to help motivate me to start DOING more stuff.  So far, I’ve been having a blast selecting just the best stuff to link to, but I also want to make my own life a bit more hip and artsy.  Every Wednesday, I’ll report what I’ve been doing to make my career as a homemaker a bit more exciting.  Here’s what I did this week!

Forgive the blur, but I DID actually make that broccoli cheddar soup I posted about, and it nearly stopped my heart with its creamy, artery-clogging goodness.  And, oh yes, I garnished my bowl with bacon and homemade bread, but sadly that image was lost!

AND, I made this adorable cameo out of a shrinky dink.  It’s traced from a picture of my son.  The necklace is a Lia Sophia my mom got for me, but after I made my nifty cameo, I just stuck it on as a charm with a needle nose pliers and a jump ring.  I still haven’t perfected it… I’d like to make it a little fancier looking, but when I do, be looking for a tutorial over at 4SmartyPants.com!

Finally, and what I’m probably most excited about are the hand knit baby legs I’ve almost finished for the little boy I’m expecting!  I just love the harvesty orange, green, and blue hues in this yarn that should be perfect with those little Halloween and Thanksgiving outfits!  Hopefully I’ll have a little tutorial for this up on 4SmartyPants.com this Monday.  It’s a great little starter project for folks that want to learn how to knit, but its a bit more portable than the traditional first timer’s scarf.  It’s the perfect purse project for some of those back to school activities that require a lot of sitting and waiting!

So, tell me what YOU did this week and maybe I’ll link to it next Wednesday!


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